The theme of the context determined by the structure and purpose of the existing hotel complex and its position in the pine forest along the sea, as well as the program objectives of the project task that are contained in the concept of forming a new building of the congress center. The new content of the hotel complex is of a representative character, and becomes the accent of the new access square to the hotel.

The new building plays the compositional game of mass of the existing complex structure of the hotel, which in its structure emerges from the Dalmatian stone and in counterpoint of the geometry language emphasizes its presence in the landscape. However, unlike the existing volumes that incorporate the principle of contrasting artificial and natural in its external appearance, striving for geometric-structural abstraction, the new volume, upgrading to the historical legacy and urban layout of the site, seeks a new expression - the relationship between spatial and plastic forms losing and narrows down the strict tendency to contrast. This aspiration is achieved through a regular volume that is surrounded by a stylized ornament, a perforated façade network inspired by nature - the context of pine forests, needles, nests ... Color controlled and neutral abstract appearances, according to the presence of whiteness of existing volumes, dynamics and plasticity are achieved through the airiness of the structure and texture of the facade, through the titration of light and shadow play.

The floor space layout is functionally clearly zoned. The theme of space diversion follows its shape. Two dominant trends of movement are created: so-called. "Horizontal and vertical street". The "Horizontal Street" is the main link to the existing building, but also an entrance lobby for congress halls. Through the glass facade, indirectly through the perforated facade network, it communicates with the square, while being exposed and hidden at the same time. This relationship between inner and outer space also appears in the congress hall. Immediately at the very entrance, the accentuated shelter whose formatting stems from the logic of the façade, is the main vertical communication that connects all three floors of the building - so-called. "Vertical Street" - shaped like a spiral staircase dominated by a bridge on the floor with a two-storey entrance hall space. Framed in a calm and neutral architectural style, it becomes a "sculpture" in space.