The building summarizes the outer west wall and roof as a single element, full and continuous, of a protective character. The second element is glass as a continuous, empty, transparent and fluid envelope that goes around the greenery and opens towards it.

The full part of the wall canvas in the west gradually passes into the roof plane; a slope that over the straight edge of the façade becomes a roof fold that grows and merges with the treetops to the east of the plot.

The applied procedure resulted in a multi-faceted building. The simple flat and unbroken facades are lwest and north. The other two facades are opposite expressions. The entrance façade indicates the presence of a roof fold used as the initial segment of the roof (1st element-eaves) in order to protect the glass facade from southern insolation, while to the east the volume of the house shows the theme of "kureki" (several traditional pitched-roof houses) is in direct contact.