The approach to urban disposition is based on the planning matrix of New Zagreb. The composition is a linear move of orthogonal buildings along the eastern margin of the plot. The buildings keep the same direction - mutual perimeter and strict height relationship. The American school forms the northeast corner, the Croatian elementary school the southeast, and the kindergarten is a neutral, low structure in the middle. The objects are of the same denominator, in a dialogue of form and structure, they build a space around the inner courtyards and emphasize the intimacy or security of the introvert. The buildings are low-energy and the orientation is strictly determined by the functional setting of optimal lighting in the north-south direction on the sides where the buildings are open-glazed, or east-west where the solid wall surface dominates.
The schools accept and emphasize the existing topography, and the relationship to the ground is emphasized. The terrain is partly filled in and merges with the levels of the road and the ground floor of the surrounding residential buildings, and partly recessed and maintains the existing lowered levels of the existing soil.
The American International School represents a certain departure from both the classical system of education; classrooms are transparent to the surrounding space, which is not a corridor but an intertwined system of niches next to the atrium, next to the library, next to the Multipurpose hall, next to the dining room ... the spaces are intertwined and flow into each other. The system of open atriums is a transparent barrier, light, external emptiness, but also a useful space for learning and staying outdoors.
The kindergarten is circularly formed along the elongated central courtyard and the multipurpose space continuously with the atrium separates the nursery from the kindergarten units.
The elementary school is also connected to the inner courtyard, which separates the classroom (southern tract) from the opposite subject teaching (northern tract), and connects the administration and the hall complex, ie the economy.