The library’s space, just like any other architectural form that is in some way subordinate to utilitarian considerations, was thought with different approaches. The solution emerged from the given program (size of the basement) and spatial sequences that were generated with the character of a historical Osijek block structure (the fortress on the Upper and Lower Town). Thus, the library becomes a building-block.

A library is a very specific spatial structure which is further defined by its functional scheme that belongs to this type of building, so in order to respond to its functionality, the idea was to create spacious rooms with flexible layout of furniture, with a touch of introversion, concentration, targeted and carefully located and directed lightning, diffuse and cool, with a quiet and partially conservative atmosphere.

The library building is programmatically and functionally determined by the central patio and inside was situated the multifunctional hall which formally and metaphorically became the heart of the project .

The importance of the proposal’s orientation is crucial; for the idea is to design an energy efficient library (this was one of the starting components in the design). The idea is that by the use of green loggias, clean energy and a pleasant microclimate on outdoor spaces (patio), the library becomes a place for cultural enrichment and at the same time, relaxation.