The new student restaurant in Varaždin is the result of a global effort (investor, City of Varaždin, project leaders and building contractor) to become one of the first public buildings in the city to achieve a zero carbon emission tag.

The student restaurant is a low-rise one story building and is functionally divided in 3 basic areas: the public space with two restaurants (the main student restaurant and the a-la-carte restaurant), the kitchen block and service facilities (toilets, employee rooms, etc.) and the technical and installations spaces (which are located on a semi upper floor above the kitchen block).

The building is designed to be up-to-date with the cutting edge student restaurant trend around the globe by using: solar and wind sensors for the outdoor sun protection, complete computerized management of the installations, lightning, surveillance and security, video updates on screen of energy consumption, etc.

The restaurant utilizes natural resources within the site (water, sun, orientation, etc.) in order to achieve a low carbon emission footprint. Moreover, the choice of materials played an important role through an environmental friendly approach.