The competition project (as the competition programme required) included only the addition of a two – part sports hall to the existing primary school building.

The school fits in its context, not because of the repeating material motif of the form of the existing school building. The totality  of the old and the new is the result of harmonious regulation of dimensions.  In a wider perspective,  the school went from being  a self -  standing building lost in an empty space, to meaningful whole which relates to the environment: to the public space (the school square, the sports hall entrance for spectators) and to the inside of the site ( the school courtyard facing the classrooms, the reconstructed part’s south façade, the external users entrance to the hall, a warm connection with the existing school building).

In the new part itself. The programme has been widened by a rhythmical continuum of the north façade protrusion: ground – floor entrance to the reconstructed wing, and the staircase vertical – the arts classroom cantilevered in the corner).

On the exterior, the new volumes are coated in thin polymer panels (somehow cold and tectonic), and towards the inside are warm and soft material, like wood and light and warm colours.