The building of the three-piece sports hall is connected to the existing building of the General Gymnasium, but it has an autonomous installation system, which is not necessarily linked to the school's power system.

The connection between the gymnasium and the building's gymnasium in the north-west quadrant of the plot is also determined, and the possibility of adding another compatible building (for example, a swimming pool hall) to the neighboring northeast quadrant of the parcel is left.

The building of the sports hall is designed with respect to the morphology of adjacent buildings, but it is compositely developed according to its own internal logic, that is, it follows its own visual art matrix, the appropriate character of the contents and the contemporary tendencies of architectural expression, finding appropriate formats and proportions in relation to the existing school's size.

In terms of organization of sporting processes, one of the standard functional schemes has been applied and adapted to the given environmental conditions. The new connecting corridor connects the building to the Sports Hall and Gymnasium.

The viewers enter the telescopic and fixed bleachers with a separate entrance.

Access to the small hall on the floor is provided with stairs and elevators for people with special needs.

The large hall is illuminated by natural, zenithal light from overhangs that are shaped to block sun rays from the south (Azimuth 670) and disperse dispersed light from the north.

The solid walls are closed to the environment to achieve full concentration of users, students, and athletes on sports activities.

The hall is divided by a suitable device (vertical curtain) for dividing multi-part halls. A small hall is lit up over the lights in the ceiling.