The program defines three separate, but related educational units with their associated outdoor courts. The intended approach to the urban disposition, the relation of the full and the empty within the designated space is linear, divided into zones, of a regular rhythm, an extension of the plan matrix of Novi Zagreb.

The composition consists of a linear stretch of compact, orthogonal buildings by the eastern margin of the designated plot. The houses maintain the same direction – bilateral perimeter and strict altitude interrelation. The American school forms the north-east corner, the Croatian primary school the south-east corner, while the neutral, lower structure in the middle is the kindergarten. The buildings share a common denominator - in a dialogue of form and structure they create the space around the inner yards and emphasize the intimacy, i.e. the safety of the introverted.

The volumes of the designed building accept and accentuate the existing topography, while special emphasis is given to the treatment of the ground. The existence of the vertical alignment of the surrounding vehicle surfaces - visible in the contact zone of the ground - has been accepted. The terrain is partly filled up and leveled with the road and the level of the ground floor of the surrounding residential buildings, and partly lowered, following the presently lowered vertical alignment of the existing ground. Thus, the ground level (the level of the access roads and ground floors of the surrounding building) is emphasized, relatively to the contact area with the existing level of the ground, the vertical alignment of which is maintained by the designed buildings-houses that, in the applied technique, in a shallow caesura, partially float above the ground.