In the very north of Croatia, where it meets Slovenia and Hungary, lies the community of St. Martin on Mura. Thanks to its thermal springs, it is one of the largest and most beautiful resorts in the country. In recent times, the Spa and Golf Resort St. Martin has made a sound name for itself as a tourist destination. The new spacious hotel complex with its 156 double rooms and six suites has brought contemporary standards to the wellness resort. Integrated into the main building and adjoining it, are restaurants, a conference room and a wellness complex with diverse pools and a beauty centre. The parking areas and the service and utility rooms of the hotel are situated under the access road.                                              

The new hotel lies on an upward south-eastern slope in a hilly landscape. With its multiple curves and long extended body, the building adapts to the topography. Facing northwest, looking downward from the hilltop, the curves of the facades form a concise chiselled contour with the main entrance taking up the central projecting corner. Up the hillside towards the south, the wing comprises a clearly defined and well-designed area with the outdoor pools and relaxation areas. The layout of the entire complex gives the impression of a large welcoming gesture of two outstretched arms.

The façades echo the large curved forms into their design as the silhouette of the flat roof also describes a wave-like movement. The construction using one or two plinths forms a common public space clearly differentiated from the three floors of rooms above. While the building plinth is mostly glass, the upper floors are clad with red-brown fibre-cement tiles. In the alignment of the tiles and windows, the architects highlight the combination of a consistent linking pattern. The façade tiles are placed in vertical and horizontal positions to accommodate the various dimensions and add a playful aspect. The distribution of the windows also brings in variety. The warm elements of natural colours contribute to the integration of the serpentine hotel and pool complex into the surrounding landscape.