The pool complex is located  close to the Sava river promenade, within a sports recreation area

By analysing the situation in a logical sequence, the complex is closed to the north in the form of a bastion, as a reference to the historical heritage of the city fortresses. That way the house is closed towards nearby stadium, and opened to the river Sava. By forming a small green square to the west, the entrance to the pool complex is marked. The ground floor on the west has a glass façade, letting the square space freely penetrate into the reception area of the complex.  The south side of the complex is fully glazed, just like the east side opening up towards the outdoor pool.  This gesture was used to achieve a total connection with the environment, nature, the river embankment, and the river itself.

The north comprises the room that service the pools. They are introverted, while the pools themselves are extroverted. The indoor pool for swimming competitions is located on the ground level, while the smaller pool for warm-up is on the upper level, with an open view of the river Sava.

The interior of the complex is divided into several pools: a pool for competitions (25x33m) on the access floor level, going upstairs through the stands that lead to the upper floor where the pool for children is located and another swimming pool which enjoys views of the Sava river. Upstairs is also found the bar which can be accessed from the lobby and through the main stairs and lift. Also there are the gym, sauna, solariums, etc. All the inner bathing areas are communicated both visually and physically to the outdoor pools.