Based on the urban planning and presumed priorities in realization, separated operative zones based on two different spatial models were provided within defined urban premises.

The building of the faculty and the student dormitory are formed on the matrix of two parallel lamella structures that are connected with underground levels and a ground floor whereas the student canteen unites three residential, offset pavilions with its ground floor.


The base of the composition consists of a countersunk atrium. In this case, the theme calls for tranquility, protection, the warmth and the shade of the traditional atrium also present on the matrix of the historical stratification of the Zadar peninsula.

From the presumed urban matrix, basic form with central plane is inherited. The authors suggest countersinking the central plane into the terrain so the intimacy of the introverted space and the individuality of the new surroundings (which is being separated from its vicinal architectural units by its denivelation) could be accentuated.

The proportion of the inner courtyard intends to form a green oasis with its format within the presumed unit (as much as it it possible considering the density of the program).

Elements of architectural composition are built around the countersunk central plane. On one side a unit coalesced with the foot of the building is present, functionally and purposely connected with the base, low, longitudinal lamella structure of the faculty building. Unlike this lamella structure, the opposing lamella is a high, pendulous volume of the dormitory formed as a structure that is separated from the foot of the building with a censure.


Three five-floor student residential pavilions were placed above the rectangular ground floor built for the purposes of the canteen. The residential volumes signify duality in approaches. On the one side, they are cantilevered over the base with the intent of marking the main entrances to the sections of the ground floor, and on the other side, the slots through the base and along the perimeter of the pavilion mark the positions of the staircases for the upper platforms. Slots through the foot of the building are elements through which the light penetrates within the deep base of the ground floor.